Dr. Meng Zhao

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Dr. Meng Zhao


Work Experience

1986~1999 Lecturer at Jiangsu Ocean University;

1999~2007 CEO of Datang International (Shanghai) Consulting Group;

2008~2011 CEO of Jiangsu Antai Biotechnology Group;

2012~present  COB of Tuima (Shanghai) Technology Co., Ltd.;

COB of Shanghai Huaxi New Material Technology Co., Ltd.;

COB of Hainan Chain Valley Technology Co., Ltd.;

CEO of Wanlu Graphene Technology Co., Ltd.;

Honorary Director of Management Commitment of Shanghai (Songjiang) Graphene Science and Technology City;

Director of Management Commitment of Graphene Industrial Park at Shanghai Jiading Industry 4.0 Demonstration Base.



2004 PhD in Materials Science at Victoria University of Switzerland;

2009 Consultant at China Minsheng Bank;

2012 Consultant at Qufu City Government;

2016 Strategic Development Consultant at Donghai County Government;

Development Consultant at Management Committee of Jining Chemical Industrial Development Zone;

Deputy Secretary-General of the World Economic Innovation (Harvard University) Forum;

Deputy Secretary-General of China International Graphene Resources Industry Alliance;

2018 Secretary-General of the National Graphene Application Industry Technology Innovation Strategic Alliance;

General Industrial Development Consultant of Jining Economic and Technological Development Zone;

2019 Economic Consultant of Aksu Municipal Party Committee and Government;

Deputy Secretary-General of the International Civil Defense Agency;

2020 Deputy Dean of Hainan Academy of Sciences;

Dean of Hainan Blockchain Research Institute;

CEO of Hainan Chain Valley Blockchain Computing Power Academician Port.



Dr. Zhao is the first domestic scholar to propose "graphene+" and "blockchain+". He is the builder, practitioner and promoter of the theoretical and operating system of the graphene industrial town, the blockchain industry town and the "blockchain + graphene" dual-core industry cluster mode.

Dr. Zhao holds more than 10 innovations in graphene applications and conducted more than 130 national tour reports on graphene, blockchain, and digital economy. These have promoted the development of graphene and blockchain industries in more than 20 provinces across China, including Shanghai, Jiangsu, Hainan, Sichuan, Fujian, Beijing, Heilongjiang, Shandong, and Inner Mongolia.



Dr. Zhao published books, including "Reconstructing the Business Era" and "Graphene Detonates the Industrial Revolution", and participated in the compilation of "China's Graphene Commercial Application Flagship Plan". Also, the "Reading Book for the Development of Graphene Industry for National Party and Government Cadres" and "Reader for Leaders in Blockchain" will soon be published by Red Flag Publishing House.

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